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Costa Rica!

Do you see yourself playing golf in a splendid establishment on a sunny morning?


This is followed by a tour in the afternoon and a swim in the Pacific Ocean against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset in the afternoon.


The gastronomy of Costa Rica, called “Cocina Criolla”, is influenced by three variants: the aboriginal, the Spanish and the African. On your visit to Costa Rica you’ll be experiencing our culture through our flavorful and nurturing dishes like our typical Casado, our breakfast Gallo Pinto, fresh Ceviche or perhaps a Choreada. 


Costa Rica's natural wealth is vast and satisfies any preference from extreme adventures to the tranquility of beaches, mountains, and volcanoes. Our country is internationally recognized for its natural beauty, hosting 5% of the world's biodiversity which you’ll see yourself immerse on daily activities brought to you by ParCo Golf Tours.


Find yourself in total serenity while watching the sunset by the beach, laying under the palm trees by the pool or talking a stroll through the lush costarrican jungle. 

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